Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Determination of their turns.

Before the game started, one by one players are required to weigh the fruit, to get points as determining who will play first as a player first, second, third and so on. Fruitweight is with all the fruit is placed on the palm of the hand and tossed to the air, will  then be greeted with the back of hands. Total fruit that they successfully catched is counted as their mark.

How do we know the game is over?

When collecting the fruit on the floor, hands on otherpieces of fruit are not able to collect the fruit until the other fruit fell or when considering the fruit and the player can not be even a fruit it is considered dead (game endedand the game will be handed to the player the next.

Monday, October 10, 2011


The basic rules when playing batu seremban are as 
follows : 

1) When collecting a bean bag, player cannot move or touch the surrounding bean bag or you will a turn when you are unsuccessful in catching the bean bag.

2)  Who gets to go first, depends on how many bean bags a player can catch with the back of his/her hand.

3)  All the bean bags are placed on your front palm, tossed into the air and then caught with the back of your hand. The player with the most bean bags gets to start first.

4) In the first level, the player throws the five stones with his/her right hand. Then they will pick one stone and toss it into the air and quickly collect another stone before finally catching the falling stones in the same hand. This continues until all the stones are picked up. Then the player repeats with 2nd level by picking up 2 stones and so on.


As we know, every single games need their own equipments or objects to play that specific games. Same goes to "Batu Seremban". As for this game, we just need two things to start playing this game.

Firstly, we need a hard or flat ground surface. 

An example of flat surface which is suitable to play Batu Seremban

Next, we need stones or a set of bean bag can also be used for this game.

Stones which are normally used to play Batu Seremban.

Bean bags also be used to play this game


Step 1: Throw all five stones. Whilst throwing a stone, pick up one stone and catch the stone in the air before it falls to the ground. Do this for each of the stones on the ground.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 but pick up two stones at a time.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 but pick up a combination of three stones and one.

Step 4: Throw all five stones. Pick up four stones whilst one stone is in the air and catch the later before it falls to the ground.

Step 5: Whilst throwing one stone, place the four on the ground. Throw one stone up again and catch it whilst picking all four stones on the ground.

Step 6: Throw all five stones on the ground. Pick two stones. Throw one in the air and exchange the other with one on the ground. Do the same with the remaining stones on the ground.

Step 7: Throw the two stones held at the end of Step 6. Pick up one stone and then catch the two falling stones separately in each hand. Do this until there is three stones in one hand and two in the other. Throw the two stones and catch it separately. Throw the remaining stone and catch it with the hand that has all the stones.

Step 8: Throw all five stones on the ground. The opponent selects a stone to be thrown in the air. The player has to pick this stone without moving any others. The player throws the stone in the air and picks the remaining on the ground in one clean sweep.

If at any point of time the player fails to complete this set of eight steps, he/she will have to forfeit his turn to his opponent. Upon his opponent's failure to complete, he will return to the incomplete step, starting from the very beginning of that step.


Batu Seremban or five stones is a traditional game usually played by girls at the verandah, inside the house or any surface area that is flat and clean for the players to sit and play. The game requires five stones or any five small objects known as 'buah' to play with. Besides the common five 'buah', players can also choose to play with seven or nine 'buah', depending on what type of game they are playing .Batu Seremban also known as " Serembat" or  Selambut game. Girls like to play individually and are usually played in groups of two to four people or more

Glass marbles, rubber seeds, pieces of medium  sized gravel or other object slumps round commonly used by children in this game of five seeds. Objects is known as a fruit.

This game is often played during leisure, in the foyer home, at home or wherever they like to require a flat surface and clean. The player must sit on the floor, in this way facilitate the game is loaded.
Before the game started, one by one, players are required to weigh the fruit, togain as many points as the determination of who will play first as a player first, second, third and so on. Fruit weight is with all the fruit is placed on the palm of the hand and tossed keudara, will then be greeted with the back of hands. Total fruit that greeted it was counted as points.